Aerobik Klub Sanski Most

Tonight, some of the Center for Peacebuiding [local and international] volunteers and I went to an aerobics class.  All I can say was that it was amazing for so many reasons….

1. The Richard-Simmons type instructor (a man in sweatpants) leading a class full of women

2. The incredible agility and fitness of Bosnian women of all ages!  I swear, I have never seen a fat Bosnian woman.

3. The room in which it was held: the “body building center” with weight machines from 20 years ago and amazing, glossy posters of huge muscle men with manly, Bosnian names.

4. How it made me feel like I was in 1980s Yugoslavia.  Is it possible to have jugo-nostalgia without having lived there?  Because I think this class gave it to me.  We even had step blocks and did fun arm movements to music!  It made me feel like I could be an extra in this 1983 Eurovision entry from Yugoslavia:

Please take note that this song is called “Đuli” – very similar to the name Julia – which means that all the older women who’s prime of their lives included 1983 think it is adorable to sing me this tune.  Excellent.

4. Really though, the exercise was great.  It was a fun bonding experience with the other ladies volunteering and will keep me in shape despite the cold air and snow-covered ground that makes me want to curl up with some Bosnian mint tea.

I’ll definitely be there on Wednesday and I hope I can get a shirt like the one I saw tonight that proudly read “Aerobik Klub Sanski Most.”